Criterion has a deserved reputation as releasing some high quality films. More often than not, I give their releases a positive rating. Sometimes I wonder if my rating scale is too lenient, because I feel like I’m always praising these releases. I think it’s just that the films are that good. Over time, they’ve assembled an impressive collection that includes some of the best films ever made.

Tastes are subjective, but of course this blog is about my taste. Some films I like more than others. Some films I love might not be appreciated as much by others, and that’s fine. Hopefully in the text of each write-up, I’ve made a good case for why I choose to rate a film highly.

This section is where I “canonize” the films that I review. Every film that has a 9/10 or higher deserves a place on this page. This is based on film rating only. Some of these have not had the best supplements and I might rate the Criterion lower than 9. Because of the caliber of Criterion releases, my guess is that a third of every film I see will have a place on this page.

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men - fonda looking out window

A Brighter Summer Day


A Day in the Country

The riverbank could be an impressionist painting.

All that Jazz

bye bye life

The Apu Trilogy

apur sansar - happy couple

An Autumn Afternoon

men in bar 2

Black Narcissus

black narcissus - kerr 6

Breaker Morant

breaker morant - 3morant

Beauty and the Beast

beast and blanket

Day for Night

Day for Night - group photo

Dont Look Back

Header photo - CCU

Don’t Look Now

john baxter in profile

Hiroshima Mon Amour

hiroshima mon amour - emmanuelle riva 11

La Dolce Vita

little girl


Lavventura Monica

Make Way for Tomorrow

Save When You Are Young

modern times lunch machine corn

Mon Oncle


Mulholland Drive

mulholland drive - watts and harring 2

On the Waterfront

Charley and Terry



The Player

The Player


playtime eiffel


shoah colour (3).tif


stromboli - bergman and little boy

Sweet Smell of Success

sweet smell

The Sword of Doom

The first battle.

The Thin Blue Line

Reenactment of the crime.

Watership Down

The initial violent confrontation.

Yi Yi

Yi Yi

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