Why a New Blog?

Those of you who know me from my cycling blog, SteepClimbs.com, know that I’ve been nursing an injury on and off for over a year. That’s put a damper on my activity, and with still no diagnosis at present, there looks to be plenty of downtime in the immediate future.

I have a lot to say. And I need a creative outlet.

I’ve been writing in some capacity since I was a child. The creative releases would come in bursts, and rarely amounted to much. I would write short stories as a child, all of which were lost. That’s probably a good thing, as they were probably terrible.

After starting a technology company in my 20s, I settled on writing more. There began my love affair with the world wide web, and ended with my selling a company and working as Content Manager for a media company in North Hollywood, California.

As that company was going under amid the new decade’s dot-com bust, I got a book deal and advance. That was quite a story of its own, which I may tackle later.

As I started my new career as an Underwriter, I started writing again. This time it was about film, and lasted a few years until shortly after moving away from a major film market.

The cycling blog is not going away anytime soon, as fitness is a passion of mine, but there simply isn’t too much for me to talk about, and I have a lot more free time now.

So I launched a new blog. Here I’ll talk about all sorts of things that simply would not be interesting to readers of SteepClimbs. This one is also going to be much smaller without nearly the amount of readers. I’ll publicize it a little bit, but it’ll be mine, for the most part. If people find this interesting, then that’s great, but this is not a vanity project.

Topics will be wide ranging. This is a blog for whatever fits my interests at any given moment outside of health and wellness.

Right now my passion is again for film and media. I’m finishing up a history degree, and reading a lot of books. I’m also a news and political buff.

The tagline is “Musings About Popular Culture & History.” That sounds about right for now. My guess is that I’ll write most about film. I was once a film studies minor until the college slimmed down that department, and I had to change to an English cognate. Film has been my first love for most of my adult life, and usually of the non-mainstream artistic variety.

We’ll see where this takes me.

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