1965 List


When reviewing my list for 1965, I was struck by how few Hollywood films I included. Most of the English language films were British productions. I count five of them and only two Hollywood productions: King Rat and A Patch of Blue. My #21 would have been another American film, Flight of the Phoenix. Another English film, Thunderball also barely missed the cut.

Aside from the unusual number of UK films, this list is quite spread out geographically. There’s some French, Spanish, Czech, Italian, and some Japanese round out the end of the list. There is only one documentary, the splendid Tokyo Olympiad.

1. Repulsion
2. Loves of a Blonde
3. Le Bonheur
4. The Hill
5. The Moment of Truth
6. The Shop on Main Street
7. Yoyo
8. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
9. Fists in the Pocket
10. King Rat
11. Juliet of the Spirits
12. Simon of the Desert
13. Zatoichi and the Chess Expert
14. Story of a Prostitute
15. Red Beard
16. Doctor Zhivago
17. Tokyo Olympiad
18. The Collector
19. Pierrot le Fou
20. A Patch of Blue

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