1955 List


1955 was a remarkable year for film. There is quality across the board, from international films to Hollywood films. Nationalistic film movements were in full swing, and legendary directors were putting out some of their best work. My list for 1954 had a large Japanese representation, where this year is more diverse. It includes one of the best Indian movies ever created, one of my favorite Bergmans, one of the best French noirs (even if by an American director), and key works from Wilder, Dreyer, Resnais, Naruse, Sirk, Ophuls, Hitchcock, and plenty of others.

The toughest part was trimming down this list. The films I have from 20-30 would likely make the list of most other years, and some like East of Eden, Picnic and Samurai Trilogy II could make the top ten in other years. My favorite performance and the Oscar winner was my #20. Of the lists I’ve put together thus far, these were the toughest cuts.

1. Pather Panchali
2. Kiss Me Deadly
3. Smiles of a Summer Night
4. Night and Fog
5. Rififi
6. Night of the Hunter
7. Floating Clouds
8. Les Diaboliques
9. Ordet
10. A Generation
11. All That Heaven Allows
12. The Man From Laramie
13. To Catch a Thief
14. The Grand Maneuver
15. Lola Montes
16. The Ladykillers
17. Richard III
18. Rebel Without a Cause
19. Death of a Cyclist
20. Marty

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