1945 List


I consider 1945 a mediocre year with some strong high points. Most films released were created during the war, including Children of Paradise, filmed in the south of France under the occupation. Many of the production were in exiled, but most knew of the inevitable outcome and did not fear consequence. Rome: Open City is a neo-realism direct response to the war, which makes it all the more powerful.

The top four of this list were not American productions and they are pretty far above the rest.

1. Children of Paradise
2. Brief Encounter
3. Rome: Open City
4. I Know Where I’m Going
5. Detour
6. And Then There Were None
7. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
8. The Lost Weekend
9. Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne
10. Scarlet Street
11. The Body Snatcher
12. Leave Her to Heaven
13. Spiral Staircase
14. The Southerner
15. The Picture of Dorian Gray
16. Vacation from Marriage
17. Mildred Pierce
18. Dead of Night
19. Fallen Angel
20. The Bells of St Mary

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  1. Children of Paradise and Mildred Piece are my favourite that year. I was pleasantly surprised to see Fallen Angel on the list, quite an underrated (and great) movie.

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