Episode 1: Broadcast News & Media through Film

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Show Notes

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Criterion Cast
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Wrong Reel
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InSession Film Cast


Dressed to Kill
The Graduate
Don’t Look Back

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Broadcast News

Film Rating:

Mark: 7.8
Aaron: 8.0
Combined: 7.9

Criterion Rating:

Mark: 9
Aaron: 8
Combined: 8.5

Media in Film

Positive Examples
All the President’s Men
The Parallax View
Good Night, and Good Luck
Shattered Glass

Negative Examples

Satirical Examples
Being There

broadcast news - future network anchorman

broadcast news - tom and jane

broadcast news - william hurt from back

broadcast news - the news room

broadcast news - production room 2

broadcast news - jane crying

broadcast news - jane and tom early meeting

broadcast news - jane and aaron

broadcast news - smiling over anchor

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  1. Finished listening to the podcast this morning. Very well done! I was hesitant because I started, but did not finish Broadcast News and I was hoping for no major spoilers. I’ll definitely finish the film this weekend. You especially have me ready to pull the trigger on purchasing Nightcrawler and to watch my copy of Network.

    • Thank you! Yes, we are careful with spoilers. We are both sensitive to them. We will try to not spoil films. There will be some films that we cannot help but spoil, but we’ll give fair warning. Highly recommend Nightcrawler and Network. Those are my two favorite films of all that we talked about on the cast.

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