CCU 10: House/Hausu (1977) & The Shining

Aaron, Mark and Keith Silva talk about the Japanese cult, off-the-wall horror film House. This is a film that has to be seen and can hardly be described. We follow it up with a discussion of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, which we feel is the benchmark when it comes to haunted house films. Unfortunately we had some technical issues and lost a good bit of the House segment, but plan to re-record soon.

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Show notes:

Special Guest: Keith Silva from Interested in Sophisticated Fun and Psycho Drive-In. You can find him on Twitter.


0:00 – Message from Aaron about Technical Difficulties
1:40 – Intro, Welcome to Keith
15:00 – Housekeeping, Show Announcements including new splinter show.
19:20 – News
35:05 – House (abbreviated, tech issues)
44:35 – The Shining


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Full Hausu courtesy of Criterion

Full Hausu courtesy of Criterion

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The Shining

Doctor Sleep – blog post

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