Episode 11: January 2016 Releases and the Classic Film Blogosphere


Aaron, Mark and Kristina Dijan talk about the just announced January 2016 Criterion Collection releases. We also delve into the film blogosphere. There is a huge blogging community that spans across multiple platforms, social or technological, and Kristina is at the heart of that community.

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Show notes:

Special Guest: Kristina Dijan from Speakeasy. You can find her on Twitter.


0:00 – Intro, Welcome, Housekeeping
17:25 – News
27:30 – January 2016 Releases
52:15 – The Film Blogosphere


Criterion Blogathon – Deadline for submissions this Friday, 10/23.

Alambrista – first Criterion Short Cuts episode.

InSession Film: 99 Homes, The Third Man

New header image at Criterion Blues. Thanks, Aaron Bird.

Jean Grémillon During the Occupation – giveaway. Listen for details.


Criterion Current: Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson – The Graduate mention.

Cohen Media Acquires Merchant-Ivory.

Criterion Instagram

Nerdist – More on new Wes Anderson project.

January 2016 Releases

The Complete Lady Snowblood
Bitter Rice
The American Friend
Inside Llewyn Davis

The Film Blogosphere

Movie Musings and Podcastings – Mark’s new blog.

Reader Programs: WordPress, Feedly, Reeder

Classic Movie Hub’s Blogathon page.

Blogathon Info:

Great Villain Blogathon

My The Blob contribution to the Great Villain ‘thon.

Beach Party Blogathon

Classic Movie History Blogathon

Last year’s O Canada Blogathon.

Veteran Bloggers:

Classic Film & TV Cafe
Shroud of Thoughts
Greenbriar Picture Shows
Laura’s Misc Musings
Self-styled Siren
The Stop Button

Blogs Mentioned:

Mike’s Take on Movies
Blonde at the Film
Movies Silently
Now Voyaging
House of Self Indulgence
Wonders in the Dark
Interested in Sophisticated Fun
Criterion Reflections
Rupert Pupkin Speaks
Outspoken and Freckled
Aurora’s Gin Joint
Cinematically Insane

Blogger Groups:

Classic Movie Blog Association – eBook here and here.
Classic Movie Hub

TCM Party on Twitter

TCM Film Festival

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Mark Hurne: Twitter | Letterboxd
Aaron West: Twitter | Blog | Letterboxd
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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Looking forward to the Criterion Blogathon!

  2. Thanks for the episode! Maybe this is typically Canadian insecurity, but the Collection has plenty of Criterion content besides Cronenberg and My Winnipeg for potential Criterion bloggers to post on! The Collection offers Maddin’s Brand Upon the Brain, Allan King, Mon oncle Antoine, Paddle to the Sea (technically Janus, but still), Canadian-set films (The 49th Parallel, Nanook of the North, Fiend Without a Face), Canadian characters (Hannay in The 39 Steps), and secretly Canadian actors like Glenn Ford. Cheers!

    • Yes thank you for pointing this out! this is just the kind of thing we encourage for the blogathon, to look at the themes, setting, actors etc, lots of possible angles. Cheers!

      • Yes, thanks for this. You have to really stretch the creative brain, and I was drawing a blank on the air. Great examples. Trevor suggested some creative actor selections like Don’t Look Back and My Own Private Idaho. Can’t believe I had forgotten Glenn Ford, but I have already blogged Jubal and soon will do 3:10 to Yuma. I also do Blu-Ray only, so I’ll stick with Cronenberg, but it’s nice to have options for next time. Maybe some of those will get upgraded.

        Oh, and I just recently watched Warrendale and loved it. Allan King is tempting to break my no Blu-Ray rule.

  3. Just passing on this Criterion-related info:

    Kieslowski’s No End aired on TCM late last night and a Janus Films logo appeared. This may be the next Kieslowski Criterion release. This film like Blind Chance is another former Kino title.

  4. Another Canadian film that is Criterion-related (it’s on the Hulu channel):

    Emporte-moi (Pool, Canada, 1999)

  5. Another nice podcast. Prior to discovering the handful of Criterion podcasts out there I spent a lot of time watching/listening to Criterion related YouTube videos. The “my entire collection” and unboxing videos are fun and you sort of re-live the excitement of opening your own packages. It’s another way to get your fix.

    However, I’ll be digging into the blogs more in the future. I must have read 50 different articles on Persona when I first watched it. I can’t imagine watching some of the deeper films without knowing what others thought about it or knowing if I caught everything. It makes the “film school in a box” a much more complete experience.

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