Short Cuts 3: Night and the City, 1950, Jules Dassin

Aaron and Dave Eves kick off Noirvember with a discussion about Jules Dassin’s last Hollywood film before being blacklisted and out of work. We talk about the fascinating characters of Harry, Gregorius, and many of the other supporting actors. We also discuss the actual blacklisting experience and how that materialized on the screen.
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Dave Eves – Blog | Twitter

Night & the City

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Dave’s Essay on Unlikeable characters and Night and the City.

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  1. Good discussion on the film and glad to put a voice to a Twitter handle with Dave joining in. I watched the film, but skipped out on the supplements. Sounds like I need to re-visit. The travesty of blacklisted directors is both sad and fascinating. Hard to believe that was in our country.

  2. i liked the comparison to ‘Pickup on South Street’. looking forward to further noir shows!

  3. Great choice! I’d recommend Andrew Pulver’s BFI monograph which is best for its discussion of London’s Soho and the geography of London.

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