CCU17: Dressed to Kill (1980)

Aaron and Mark talk about Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Brian De Palma’s 1980 sensual thriller, Dressed to Kill. We go into De Palma and how he’s just a film buff that is able to make movies, plus we investigate the expression of sexuality through therapy, and how De Palma was able to use film language to convey his character’s desires. And of course, we talk about the iconic museum scene.

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Show notes:


0:00 – Intro, Housekeeping
19:00 – News
30:20 – Dressed to Kill


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Dressed to Kill

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  1. Name help

    Keisuke Kinoshita = Kay-skeh Kee-no-shhta
    Setsuko Hara = Sets-ko Ha (as in “ha ha” funny) ra (as in “radical”)

  2. There was so much discussion about this release on the forum that I was very let down when I watched it a couple of months ago. This makes three DePalma Criterion releases where it seemed like he rushed wrapping up the story. He does a wonderful job in building up, but in the end you get a big…meh. I experienced the exact same thing with Blow Out and Sisters.
    Great show and you summed up my thoughts exactly with your analysis.

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