CCU18: Expanded News and an Announcement


Mark and Aaron have to abbreviate the episode, but we expand the news and get into what is happening not just with Criterion, but also with other films out there during awards season and that are in the wheelhouse of Criterion fans. We also finally (yes, finally) announce our special guest, who has 3.5 films in The Criterion Collection.

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Show notes:


0:00 – Intro, Housekeeping
14:55 – News

Intro, Housekeeping:

Here is Your Life – Short Cut

Met our Facebook challenge – thanks guys.


Jellyfish Eyes


Wexner Center to Showcase Criterions and a New Restoration.

New York Film Critics Circle Winners

Restored Mizoguchi Masterpiece Gets an Overdue Theatrical Run

Review: Hitchcock/Truffaut Revisits the Master of Suspense

Ana Lily Amirpour Top Ten List

Rock Box

Hitchcock Box

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  1. Hitchcock/Truffaut is a must-read, one of the most essential books about film. Grab it for your recovery and good luck!

    • Funny that you mention that. I had the same thought after we finished recording and tried to find a copy. People are selling it for insane amounts of money and my library doesn’t have it. I’ll have to keep looking.

      • I had no idea… I actually own a copy from years ago, you can prob bootleg a scan off the internets, which I don’t usually advocate but fully support for out of print books.

      • I may try to do that one day. Right now I have a couple books from potential guests in the future, so that’ll hold me over. But this is high on my list.

  2. Can’t wait to hear the interview with Cox. I just watched “Repo Man” after listening to Mark on the Talk Film Society podcast last week. I started “Sid and Nancy” last night until I realized that the Criterion DVD does not have subtitles. If I would have turned up the volume enough to hear the dialogue, then I would have made the kids sleep in earmuffs.

    Good luck with the surgery. You have a vote from me to do a PUI (Podcast Under the Influence).

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