CCU32 – Gross Out Episode (Part Two)

in the realm of the senses - cover final

Mark, Aaron, Cole, and Dustin are back to continue the conversation about “Gross Out” films. We explore a number of other releases. This time we strike a balance between artistry and filth, and try to find redeeming qualities in some of the films considered to be among the grossest of all time. We cover genres and movements, including Giallo, 80s horror, New French Extremity, and the Cannibal series.

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Special Guests: Cole Roulain and Dustin Schultz. Cole is from the Magic Lantern Podcast. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook. You can find Dustin on Twitter.

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  1. I listened to both podcasts and probably won’t venture further than the Criterions. I did like Antichrist, but was not a fan of Realm of Senses or Salo (still in the process of watching). Not mentioned was a recent view for me – Sweet Movie – which I place just below Jellyfish Eyes.
    The hardcore parts in Antichrist or even a more recent movie like American Psycho do not disturb me as they seem to be more within the flow of the story. The gross-out parts were not THE story.
    Senses was well made, but did leave me feeling uncomfortable with the progression of the acts. The difference is the “gross” parts were THE story and not a means of telling the story. IMO.
    Salo and Sweet Movie…no thanks. Definitely one-time watches for me.
    Interesting discussion and great guest selections while not my favorite genre of films.

  2. Great second part. I think this podcast may have spurred me to finally getting around to watching a couple of these titles that have been sitting on my shelf. I appreciated the reference to Taxidermia at the end. Its version of twee-disgust is really unusual and I would have liked to hear the groups thoughts on that film.

  3. Great episodes on gross-out films.You guys make me want to watch Antichrist. I think that gross-out films have a place in cinema, not just to push boundaries, but to speak to us on a level that only fear, excessive bodily fluids, and disgust can. That being said, animal cruelty in cannibal films, not a fan. And A Serbian Film, extremely not a fan. There are some things you can’t unwatch.

    • Thanks for the terrific feedback. Yeah that was a difficult yet enjoyable set of episodes. I agree that Gross-Out films are essential to cinema, and sometimes a director has to shock and disgust us in order to make a point. But there is such a thing as going too far.

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