CCU38: The Manchurian Candidate


Mark, Aaron and Paul Cobb look at John Frankenheimer’s political thriller, The Manchurian Candidate. We explore the originality and how it influenced other paranoia films, how it spoke to the spirit of the 1960s, as a satire towards McCarthyism, and how it has remained relevant throughout the years.

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Special Guest: Paul M. Cobb from the Blogue Cinéastique. You can find him on Twitter.

0:00 – Intro and welcome Paul
2:55 – Paul’s Criterion Connection
11:20 – Don Hertzfeldt Revisit
12:20 – August 2016 Criterion Releases
31:10 – The Manchurian Candidate

Episode Links & Notes

Criterion Collection: The Manchurian Candidate

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Mark Hurne: Twitter | Letterboxd
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