CCU46: First Anniversary Show

Aaron & Mark - 1200x630 w text

Mark and Aaron podcast live and in person for the first time ever. During Aaron’s vacation up north, he visited “Casa Hurne” up in beautiful Vermont. While we weren’t drinking beer and eating delicious food, we decided to podcast a little about the experience we’ve had with Criterion Close-Up. Aaron also talks about his journey through Canada and the film connections he made along the way.

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Episode Links & Notes

0:00 – Intro & Welcome

2:10 – Aaron’s Canada Trip & Martin Kessler

7:30 – Short Takes (Eat that Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, The Witness, Green Room)

20:00 – Dinner at The 400 Blows

22:25 – Christopher Faulkner

30:15 – Reflecting on Criterion Close-Up

Episode Credits

Next time on the podcast: Downhill Racer

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  1. You could at least have both worn Criterion logo t-shirt’s!! HaHa

    Happy Anniversary

  2. Hooray for Canada! Sounds like you had a great trip, Aaron. I loved hearing about your adventures. You’re the only person I know of who would buy a book in one city, then have dinner with the author in another – all on the same trip!

    Also, a very nice photo of you both. 🙂

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