Criterion Close-Up 2: My Life as a Dog & Lasse Hallström’s Career

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0:00 – Intro: Introductions, Housekeeping, Criterion News.
25:00 – My Life as a Dog discussion
1:00 – Lasse Hallström discussion

Thanks to guest host Martin Kessler for joining us.

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Wish list:

The New World
Clouds of Sils Maria (DVD release already out)
La Chienne


Wim Wenders Janus Retrospective

Late Spring Criterion has Tokyo-Ga.

Arrow’s The Jacques Rivette Collection (Region B only)

Imamura Masterpiece Collection (Region B only)

My Life as a Dog


Film Rating:
Mark – 7.8
Aaron – 7.5
Martin – 8
Average: 7.76 (rounding up to 8)

Criterion Rating:
Mark – 7
Aaron – 7
Martin – N/A (sorry Martin, forgot to get yours)
Average : 7

Lasse Hallström

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
The Cider House Rules
The Shipping News

Auteur Rating:
4/10 (sorry Lasse)

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  1. I think the green hair came from that vat of water that he was playing in — I noticed the water was green in there, but it might be a coincidence.

  2. Finished the episode last night and I’m receiving my copy of the film today. Can’t wait to check it out this weekend. I appreciate that you’re somewhat spoilers sensitive. Also, I hope you keep the little red E (for explicit) off the podcast description. I like to catch up on podcasts in the car and sometimes have a kid or two with me.

    • We decided to never be explicit. In fact, we’ve even wondered how to cover certain films without getting explicit. This one was a challenge, but we felt we walked on the correct side of the line. Glad you are enjoying!

  3. The contrast between sickness/death/hopelessness of the city and the sex/vitality of the country I think is what really makes this film so charming. Country life borders on the absurd (the guy hammering comes to mind), and yet one gets the feeling that what makes this absurdity possible (and even desirable) is a simple underlying affirmation of life. What’s taken for granted in Småland has been completely absent from Ingemar’s life and it’s very affirming that he is able not only to survive but that he remains sufficiently emotionally intact to begin to thrive in this new environment.

    Interesting discussion. Thanks.

  4. Finally watched the film last night and relistened to the review portion of the podcast this morning. Wow…it really helps to watch the movie beforehand. 🙂
    For some reason the film reminded me of Big Fish. The town’s characters were a bit over the top and quite the ensemble. I enjoyed the film more than I expected after listening to the podcast. I originally thought it sounded a little bland, but was pleasantly surprised.

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