Episode 3: November Releases and 2015 Geekfest


In this episode, we delve deep into the Criterion Collection. We discuss the November releases, news, the Blogathon, and then we go into the rabbit hole. We talk extensively about numerous titles that have been “confirmed” that have not been released (we use quotes because nothing is definite) and others that have been rumored based on educated guesses, teases, restorations, and that sort of thing. This is a long episode, probably the longest we’ll ever do, but we wanted to do the topic justice. If you are the kind of person who loves to speculate what titles are coming soon, then this is the episode for you.

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Episode Outline:

0:00 – Introduction, Blogathon, News
25:00 – November Criterion release discussion
43:00 – Geekfest. “Confirmed” discussion.
1:26:00 – Geekfest. Rumored discussion.

Mark Hurne, Aaron West and Special Guest Trevor Berrett from Mookes and Gripes and The Eclipse Viewer.

Correction: Allan Fish did not contribute directly to The Story of Film as stated on the show. He made suggestions via a friend and provided DVDs to The Story of Children and Film. His name is subsequently in the “thanks” section.

Criterion Blogathon.

First Round of Blogathon Responses.

Criterion Cast: The Newsstand, November Releases.

A Plea for Criterion Eclipse Sets of the future.

Blu-Ray.com Criterion Collection Thread

Eclipse Viewer 20: A Conversation with Michael Koresky.

Luis García Berlanga phantom page.

Contact info:

Trevor Berrett
Mark Hurne
Aaron West

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