Episode 5: If …. & Angry Young Men

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0:00 – Introduction, Corrections, News.
25:05 – If…. (Lindsay Anderson, 1968)
1:04:33 – Angry Young Men


To Be Funny – Facebook


2014 New Year’s Drawing


The Bergman film that influenced Wes Craven

War films on sale at Amazon.

Arrow Rivette Box Set

IFC Films Acquires Wim Wenders’ 3D Drama ‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’

TCM Criterion Sale

Blu-Ray.com Dressed to Kill review

News about Napoleon

Moonrise Kingdom Packaging

IF ….

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  1. Always Love the News Intro before The Criterion Announcements on the 15th of each month!

  2. Mad Max Fury Road Rocks in 3D!

  3. Maybe it is my slow-talking Kentucky dialect, but I have the most difficult time following movies from the UK. About 10 minutes into the film I had to turn on the subtitles to catch everything that was being said. I had a similar experience with the movie “Snatch” and just never could get into it. However, once I treated this English-speaking movie as a foreign film I did enjoy it quite a bit.
    Good podcast. The amount of effort and research in the episode was evident.

    • Thanks, Antoine. I am the same way with a lot of English films. Now the mainstream period films are usually easy to understand, but try a Ken Loach without subtitles. You’ll barely understand a word. I think IF was pretty understandable, but I liked the dialog so much that I went with subtitles.

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