Episode 6: 12 Angry Men (1957) and Single Location Films

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Aaron, Mark and Doug explore innocent, guilt, and civic duty by discussing Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men. We also discuss other films that are shot primarily at one location, why these films are often good, and what ingredients are required for a quality film in a single location.

Show Outline:

0:00 – Intro, Welcome, Thanks.
22:00 – Preview of December Releases
31:50 – 12 Angry Men Discussion
1:15:25 – Single Shot Discussion

Show notes:

Special Guest: Doug from Good Times, Great Movies. Twitter | iTunes.


Amazon sale.

Monkees’ Complete TV Series, ‘Head’ Coming to Blu-ray

DVD Beaver Dressed to Kill review.

Toronto International Film Festival

45 Days

Son of Saul

Steve Jobs
Michael Fassbender article.


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  1. I related to this film by previously sitting on a 2 day jury for a drug charge. I saw first-hand the assortment of individuals that hold someone’s future in their hands. Although we arrived at the correct decision there were shameful moments of immaturity and questionable comments not unlike this film.
    My mom actually served once before and was the lone hold-out on a drug conviction. She held everyone up for hours because she didn’t think this person did anymore than many that have not been caught. The rest of the jury was getting angry at her and she finally gave in. True story…these were her words: “Ok, I’ll go along with you and say ‘guilty’, but only because I need to get home and feed my cats.” Our system at work…
    This was one of the first Criterions I ever bought. Fantastic movie and another great podcast.

    • Thanks, Antoine. Somehow I missed this comment too. I guess it has been a busy week. Thanks for sharing your experiences! We have a rule that we don’t discuss the subject before we cast, so it was a surprise to find that nobody had served on a jury, but your perspective helps us understand that 12 Angry Men is not too far off from reality.

  2. this was a really excellent discussion about a film I have long admired and enjoyed (seen it at least 5-6 times over the years). These podcasts are getting better and better. The programming concept of focusing on one film, related genre, and then general news, opinions is inspired! Keep it up! I, for one, will continue listening…

    • Hi Simon, sorry for the delayed response. Really appreciate the kind comments. We are really enjoying doing this, and I hope that shows through the podcast. We do feel we are getting better with each episode, so I appreciate you sticking with us.

  3. I watched and dismissed My Dinner With Andre my freshman year of college which left me unenthusiastic about checking out the other Shawn / Gregory films in the collection. I had this podcast on as I was washing the dishes today and when you played the clip from the film I was surprised to find myself shedding a few tears. Maybe I just needed a few more years of real life to experience before appreciating the film in full, but now I’m very excited to give it another go. I’ll have to pick up the Blu Ray – or maybe even the box set – next time I’m Criterion shopping.

    • Great comment! I agree that the film is tough to consume, but there are some moving moments. I really like the clip we played on the show, but there was another good one from Andre that we almost used. Like we mentioned about Ozu, this is the type of film you coat grow into. It resonates even more upon reflection. Glad you enjoyed the episode!

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