Episode 7: December Releases & The Cult of Collecting

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Aaron, Mark and Keith give a tribute to William Becker, discuss the December releases, and get in-depth as to the Collection aspect of the Criterion Collection. We look at collecting in general, whether it is beer cans, baseball cards, or laser disc, and we discuss how the Collection curates a library that is worth collecting.

Show notes:

Special Guest: Keith Enright. He has a blog called The Criterion Completion that focuses on collection and history of The Criterion Collection You can follow him on Twitter


0:00 – Welcome, Thanks, Housekeeping
12:30 – News
14:00 – William Becker Tribute
23:05 – News Continued
29:10 – December Releases
37:55 – The Cult of Criterion Collecting


DVD Beaver
Blu-Ray.com Criterion page
Crowd Source Studios – Jonathan Turell Interview

November Releases

Burroughs the Movie

Downhill Racer

Jellyfish Eyes


The Cult of Collecting

Keith Collection

Flamenco Trilogy

Where to Find Us:

Mark Hurne: Twitter | Letterboxd
Aaron West: Twitter | Blog | Letterboxd
Criterion Close-Up: Twitter | Email

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  1. Thanks for the kudos! Glad to see how we have all similar traits in regards to collecting and eventually gravitate towards completing the Criterion Collection! Keep it up!

  2. My favorite episode so far. “Organized hoarding” hits close to home.
    The frequency of the podcasts is really working well. Not too far apart and not too close where you can’t watch/re-watch the relevant films.

  3. just finished listening…another winner of a show. I particularly enjoyed the stories about getting into Criterion collecting. I myself started with a few favorites on DVD such as Hitchcock’s LADY VANISHES, REBECCA, NOTORIOUS, SPELLBOUND, etc along with THE THIRD MAN, PLAYTIME, SUMMERTIME, etc. When I started to desire collecting the Criterion DVD’s, I realized from the spine numbers that there were far too many for me to possibly catch up with. So, I waited till they started with Blu-Ray’s and binge buy them during the sales. I wish Criterion would start a “Blu-Ray Club” shipping each released disc each month and auto-charging my credit card (at 50% sale price, of course!).

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