Short Cuts Episode 1: Alambrista!

Aaron West starts out this new, shorter series with a solo cast about The Criterion Collection’s release of Robert M. Young’s Alambrista. In this short episode, he explores the low budget “guerrilla” filmmaking, the neo-realism, nature of the immigrant, and evaluates the film and Criterion release.

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Joe and Roberto, above the law.
Crossing the border.

Crossing the border.

Family in Mexico.

Family in Mexico.

"American" lessons.

“American” lessons.

Joe and Roberto, above the law.

Joe and Roberto, above the law.

Roberto hearing the preacher.

Roberto hearing the preacher.



alambrista - ned beatty and roberto

Roberto at waitress' house.

Roberto at waitress’ house.

Roberto at sunset

Roberto at sunset

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  1. I just listened to this today and enjoyed it, although I was surprised you didn’t mention its most obvious cousin in the Collection, El Norte. Two very different movies that tackle the same general issue. That said, I largely agreed with your assessment of the movie – good, not great, worth watching for anyone interested in the subject. I think El Norte is a great movie, though.

    • I have a good answer for that! I haven’t seen El Norte, and while I am aware of it’s similar theme (and own it), I didn’t feel qualified to bring it up. Maybe it will be worth doing a solo compare/contrast podcast someday.

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