CCU25 – Dont Look Back (1967)


Mark, Aaron and Keith Enright give a look at D.A. Pennabaker’s documentary portrait of Bob Dylan in Dont Look Back (the no apostrophe is intentional). This was a pivotal period in the artist’s career, and both the film and the music were influential. We dig deep as to what type of persona Dylan revealed, the cinéma vérité filmmaking style that captured him in his element, and also his attitude towards the press and others who wanted to label him.

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Special Guest: Keith Enright from Criterion Completion. You can find him on Twitter.

Show notes:


0:00 – Intro & Welcome Keith
3:30 – Caitlin Kuhwald Aftermath
9:40 – Schedule Update
11:10 – Aaron’s Blog Announcement
14:35 – Arik’s Criterion Presentation
18:15 – Short Takes (The Apu Trilogy, My Golden Years, Hollis Frampton Odyssey, La Ronde, Labyrinth, Revanche)
33:00 – The Newsstand
34:45 – Dont Look Back

Dont Look Back

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  1. I’m new to this site (although I “grew up” with Criterion laserdiscs in the late 80’s) and while I absolutely loved a lot of what Arik discussed. However, when he delved into having every single spine number, that’s when he lost me. That has little to do with aesthetics or the quality of the packaging, or the quality of the cinematic presentation contained within. Instead, it’s mostly about fostering and nurturing the obsessive compulsive “collector” bug.

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