CCU26 – Jellyfish Eyes (2013)


Mark and Aaron are joined by Matt Sheardown of … Criterion Close-Up. You heard right. Long story. Matt is also a video games expert, so we borrowed his expertise as we broke down and evaluated the controversial Criterion release of Takashi Murakami’s Jellyfish Eyes. We discuss the visuals, the influences, the intended audience, and how to classify it as a genre. We also ask the big question, which many have asked since the announcement — is it worthy of Criterion?

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Special Guest: Matt Sheardown from his YouTube channel. You can find him on Twitter. He is on Twitch as well.

Show notes:


0:00 – Intro & Welcome Matt
7:20 – Matt’s Criterion Connection
11:55 – Schedule Update
14:40 – Short Takes (Odd Man Out, Mustang, Room, The Revenant, The Room, Head)
38:15 – Jellyfish Eyes

Jellyfish Eyes

Jellyfish Eyes cover CCU

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  1. My most anticipated podcast of the year. Well…the year is young. It would have been easy to pile on this release, but everyone brought well-conceived discussion to the table. Other than the artsy shorts of Hollis and Brakhage this is my lowest rated Criterion title (4/10). I also went in with an open mind, but couldn’t grasp anything that really entertained me. Since it was mentioned I am surprised Criterion didn’t do a dub audio track. That would have at least captured some younger viewers like my kids who visually liked the movie, but didn’t want to read subtitles (or in the case of my 5 year old can’t read well, yet).

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