CCU34: A Conversation with Michele Rosenthal

childrenofparadise-2 CCU

Mark and Aaron are joined by Michele Rosenthal, professional illustrator and Criterion fan artist. She’s also a Criterion fan, but approaches the label from a different angle compared to most collectors. We talk to her about her process, passion, and dedication, and we also discuss the June 2016 release slate with her.

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Special Guest: Michele Rosenthal from Criterion Affection. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, and at her personal/professional website.


0:00 – Intro and Welcome Michele
2:15 – Michele’s Criterion Connection
7:30 – Housekeeping
10:45 – June Criterion Releases
31:10 – Michele Rosenthal

Episode Links & Notes


CriterionCast Interview with David Blakeslee

Get Michele’s Graphic Novel at FutureVisions

Queers in History Tumblr

Funny or Die, Robert E Lee – Children Beware!

Funny or Die – Honest Snow Globes



Summer Hours

Mon Oncle

In the Mood for Love

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