CCU35: Lady Snowblood, Don Hertzfeldt, 4K TVs

Snowblood 1200x630

Mark and Aaron change things up by talking about a variety of topics. We delve into Don Hertzfeldt, Lady Snowblood, our recent purchases, films we’ve seen lately, Criterion news, and a strange story about a trolling incident.

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0:00 – Intro & Show Preview
2:15 – Show Format Changes
5:55 – The “Troll” Incident
14:00 – Don Hertzfeld
19:25 – Recent Purchases
31:05 – Lady Snowblood
38:35 – A Little Bit of Criterion News
51:15 – 4K TV Discussion
57:00 – Short Takes (A Poem is a Naked Person, The Miracle Worker, The Swimmer, Embrace of the Serpent, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Crimson Peak)

Episode Links & Notes

Wrong Reel: Episode 119

Don Hertzfeldt Kickstarter

CCU 23.5 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Clouds of Sils Maria

Movie Mezzanine. No Home Video: On Women-Directed Films.

Criterion Response to Movie Mezzanine

Criterion Forum Women Filmmakers Thread

Where to Find Us:

Mark Hurne: Twitter | Letterboxd
Aaron West: Twitter | Blog | Letterboxd
Criterion Close-Up: Facebook | Twitter | Email

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  1. Listening to it right now and looking forward to what is said about 4K TV discussion! Will comment more after I heard the new format.

  2. Great episode! It didn’t Hertz me at all! Keep it up! New format is fresh!

  3. Glad to hear Aaron is coming to his senses on The Force Awakens!
    Your schedule up until know has been very ambitious. I’m perfectly content giving up a 1-1/2 hour discussion of Lady Snowblood 2 as long as you put more into the deeper/important films.

    • *until now

      • Thanks! Yeah so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s actually a bit of a relief. 🙂 We’ll have some deep shows and some light shows, and we’ll try to figure out ways to let people know what movies are on our radar.

  4. So who won the extra Hertzfeld bluray?

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