CCU44 – A Brighter Summer Day (1991)


Mark and Aaron are joined by Scott Nye to hash out the intricate themes, history, and nuance of Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day. Given the length and depth of the film, we explored it in detail, distilling the cultural and societal clashes that took place in a pivotal period of Chinese and Taiwanese history. We also compare it to what is considered Yang’s other masterpiece, Yi Yi, and we touch on the New Taiwanese Cinema movement.

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Episode Links & Notes

Special Guest: Scott Nye from CriterionCast and Battleship Pretension. You can follow him on Twitter.

0:00 – Hello and Welcome Scott

2:25 – Scott’s Criterion Connection

5:10 – Film School in a Cast

8:00 – A Brighter Summer Day

25:00 – Spoiler Warning

1:14:45 – Ratings. No spoilers.

Episode Credits

Next time on the podcast: In a Lonely Place, Bogie Films

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  1. Crucial, informative commentary on a stunning work of art. Kudos to Mark, Aaron and Scott. Great job!

  2. Very solid discussion for a landmark film. I did not realize Scott has not been on. He always provides valuable insight anytime I hear him.

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