CCU43 – The Player


Mark and Aaron welcome old friend, Doug McCambridge to talk about Robert Altman’s “Don’t call it a” comeback film. We touch on the opening tracking shot, what Altman is saying about Hollywood, and yes, we even go into the ending — or both of them. On top of that, we give some tidbits on how to be economical with the Barnes & Noble Criterion Sale.

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Episode Links & Notes

Special Guest: Doug McCambridge from Good Times, Great Movies. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter.

0:00 – Intro and Welcome Doug

4:00 – Doug’s Announcement

7:30 – Thank Ben Model

9:20 – Criterion Completion

12:35 – Barnes and Noble Sale

22:00 – The Player

Episode Credits

Next time on the podcast: A Brighter Summer Day

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  1. Very happy to hear this podcast and that (a) you discussed this movie at length (b) you praised the movie so highly.

    I saw this film on VHS back in the mid 1990s and absolutely loved it. But nobody I knew liked it. Everyone around me thought it was a waste of time. So naturally, I’m delighted it was released on Criterion and that it’s getting the love and attention it deserves.

    You’ve made me want to see this again soon because (a) I’ve totally forgotten the opening scene and (b) want to keep your discussion in mind when I re-watch.

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